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Nada Surf

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you say, i like what you say [Aug. 24th, 2006|10:46 am]
Nada Surf

[music |nada surf - "i like what you say"]

i got the blue one! anybody else have one? you can buy one here

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(no subject) [Jul. 16th, 2006|01:42 am]
Nada Surf

i've never posted pictures before, so let's hope this works...

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they're such nice guys.
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pointless post, but why not, no one else posts [Jul. 10th, 2006|12:19 am]
Nada Surf
i think they should play in new york soon. or anywhere on the east coast. or hey, how about north america? europe is so lucky.

btw i just joined, i dont care that no one posts here. nada surf has been my favorite band since grade 8. there was a lil absence when i discovered punk music, but i'm back on the path of righteousness with the most underrated band that i love with all my heart.

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Nada Surf: Feb. 25 @ Richard's on Richard's! [Feb. 22nd, 2006|11:31 am]
Nada Surf


Who else is excited?!!
I know I am!

My tickets! <3

(is anyone else goping to the Vancouver show?)

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im totally in love with matthew caws again... [Feb. 22nd, 2006|12:44 am]
Nada Surf

[mood |happyhappy]

that always happens when i see him on stage! doing his "caws shuffle" which is the name i gave to the weird shuffle/dance he does whilst rocking out. I just got home from the nada surf show and it was amazing! Seriously the best nada surf concert since the first time I saw them so long ago in Anaheim with poor sick jo lying on a couch in the back being a nice friend and coming with me to see a band she had never even heard of. Tonight was so great, they played so many songs! Lots of stuff from the new album of course, a great version of blankest year, my favorite song from the weight is the gift. Of course they played like every track from let go, I think my least favorite nada surf endeavor but still a good album with some great songs. They just played so well! And they also played several older songs like amateur and hyperspace and their version of stalemate where they throw love will tear us apart in the middle. They also did an awesome cover of the smiths there is a light that never goes out, I was so excited I did that annoying thing where I screamed. And then I was embarrassed and laughed at myself and just enjoyed the song. The place was really crowded to, and I mean packed. They had all the under 21s on the balcony, which I loved. So I danced a little and sang along a little and really enjoyed myself. I got another t-shirt to add to my nada surf t-shirt collection. Every time i've seen them live ive gotten a t-shirt (or two). such a great show!
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(no subject) [Dec. 19th, 2005|05:06 am]
Nada Surf

[mood |creative]
[music |I Write Sins not Tragedies - P!ATD]

Hey guys!
I was looking through the Nada Surf website and saw that they're playing at Richards on Richards in Vancouver on February 23rd.. The presale is closed - anyone have any idea how I can get tickets?? I'm pretty dumb when it comes this stuff as I just moved to town.. I'm super excited and REALLY want to go, though!
Thanks! xo

ps - Anyone going to The Academy Is.../Panic! At the Disco show in Seattle in March? Or to the Nada Surf show in Vancouver?? :)
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nada surf nada surf nada surf [Dec. 12th, 2005|10:01 pm]
Nada Surf

[mood |hyperhyper]
[music |Nada Surf - meow meow lullaby]

Hey there!
Last friday I was at the Nada Surf concert! It was my first concert of them. I was really happy that I could finally see them. It was really great!! I don't know, but I think they played a lot of songs. I think they played about 20 songs. And they even played with the guy who played before them. I liked that, sometimes you have bands who play a couple of songs and then enjoy their selfs in Amsterdam with lots of weed. Lots of bands always like that aspect of Holland.
I had a lot of fun while I was listening to a song where Nada Surf made a lot of cat noises. I just found out it is called meow meow lullaby and it is on an album called for kids too. I was surprised to hear stalemate and love will tear us apart from joy division in one song. But I did like it.
Unfortunately I couldn't make pictures because I couldn't find my digital camera. That was a shame because I had a great view on them.
(To be sure I say this again: I am from Holland and I might made some writing mistakes)
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(no subject) [Dec. 3rd, 2005|09:11 pm]
Nada Surf

[mood |calmcalm]
[music |Death Cab For Cutie, 'Crooked Teeth']

I'm in love with the sound of Matthew's voice when he sings in French, and I was wondering, have Nada Surf recorded anything in it apart from 'La Pour Ca,' 'L'aventurier,' and 'Au Fond Du Reve Dore?'

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Photos from Berlin show [Nov. 25th, 2005|01:40 am]
Nada Surf


lots more photos here:

photos of John Vanderslice (Daniel and Matthew joined him for a song each):


photos of Howie Beck:
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Nada Surf on KCRW [Oct. 24th, 2005|11:28 am]
Nada Surf

[mood |happyhappy]
[music |Nada Surf on KCRW.com -Hi Speed Soul]

If anyone is interested Nada Surf is on KCRW right now. You can listen in at kcrw.com

The show on Saturday at the El Rey in Los Angeles was amazing and sold out. Did anyone else here go?

Also: Has anyone heard the kitten song? "I am just a kitten, barely fit my mittens..." They played it on Saturday and I want to know where I can get a copy of it.
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