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For anyone in Southern California, Nada Surf added two shows to their West Coast tour, Friday and Saturday, Sept. 5th and 6th. They just went on sale at five o'clock today and I recommend hurrying -- the shows are at the Troubadour and it's really small.

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hey i dont know if anyone knew this yet, but nada surf is featured on myspace transmissions

they do a set including always love, whose authority, i like what you say, blizzard of 77, see these bones, happy kid and here goes something all acoustic. they also have videos of every songs performance, as well as interview footage. also, you can buy the tracks on itunes and listen to happy kid until the sun comes up, assuming you are anything like me. its a really cool set, nada surf always sounds great stripped down in my opinion. just thought i would let the community know

Album Preference?

Spurred on by the comments to another post, how would everyone rank the five offical Nada Surf releases, from favorite to least?

Mine would be:

1) Let Go
2) Proximity Effect
3) Lucky
4) The Weight Is A Gift
5) High/Low

I think Lucky, given time, actually has a shot at challenging The Proximity Effect for the second spot.

I don't know that any Nada Surf album will ever knock Let Go out of the top spot.  There's just something magical about it.

I actually like High/Low -- Treehouse is one of my favorite songs and I love the live version of Stalemate.  But it does sound rather immature compared to later albums.

So -- how do you rank them?

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im sure no one here is a big one tree hill fan, but i wanted to make reference to the fact that they played three, maybe four songs, from the new album on tonights episode. thats kind of rad

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 I guess that since Nada Surf have followings in so many different countries, they must release a different single in every one because here's ANOTHER video from the new album:


Just like with "Your Legs Grow," they've re-recorded "I Like What You Say," a song from a compilation, for the album.  Honestly, it's going to take some getting used to.  Matthew changes the vocals in the chorus a bit and I really liked the original.  There are some additional vocals in the breakdown which are nice.

There's a chance this isn't the official video, as the guy who posted it put up one for "See These Bones" that's just the song over top something he put together, but the animation look a bit too good for someone to just whip up.

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 New album on February 5th!

"I Like What You Say" from the John Tucker Must Die soundtrack is on it, as is the track from Myspace, "See These Bones."  The first single (or at least the song they made a video for) is "Whose Authority" and you can see the video here:


Sorry if this is redundant for a lot of you, but I know the last time I posted there were people who hadn't heard anything about the new album.

I think the new album is going to rule.  I got my tickets tonight for the L.A. show!

Other Bands

I'm new here, so I figured I'd go with one of these...

When you aren't listening to Nada Surf, who are you listening to? ... or "If you love Nada Surf, you'll also love"...